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Ready to Work

Ready to Work features a series of highly interactive and engaging workshops taught by industry professionals. The course, which is a prerequisite for our paid work experience opportunities, focuses on preparing teens to enter the workforce with everything from creating a resume to advanced networking techniques. Students receive full support at every workshop from the RTW Coordinator on skill development and job coach coordination.  

The course includes the following workshops:

Orientation and Job Skills

The first workshop in the series helps to orient students to the full curriculum and expectations of the course. Students will receive a personal portfolio, begin creating a resume, explore personal branding, and learn about what makes a good employee.

Employment and Experience

An interactive session focusing on business standards, where and how to get a job, job applications, and company branding. Students will also continue building their resumes.

Resume/Application Process

This workshop goes into detail on what hiring managers and corporate recruiters look for in an applicant, how and why applicants should create targeted resumes and the importance of the application process. Students then develop a working resume and practice filling out a job application.

Money Management and Interview Attire

This workshop discusses the financial side of working and the importance of healthy money management. We discuss paychecks, personal checks, taxes, and students receive practice in creating a personal budget. They also learn about proper attire to wear for interviews and complete their resumes.


During this workshop, Sonoma Valley business professionals conduct mock interviews with students to give them realistic exposure to the interview process. Students also receive feedback so they know which areas they can improve upon. Although this workshop is intended for practice, many of the businesses participating have open positions and are interested in hiring teens.  

Job Coaching

All graduates of our Ready to Work program also have access to a job coach who helps them create an Action Plan outlining the graduate’s next steps in finding employment. Graduates receive one-on-one support during their job search and placement, which continues for the first 90 days of their employment.

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