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It’s our privilege to support Sonoma Valley teens on their individual journeys! Here are just a few amazing stories from past members about how our programs have benefited them:

Norma Martinez: “I had to overcome a feeling of rejection by people for not being born here and not knowing the language. I felt underestimated… The safe environment [at TSS] made me feel comfortable and I felt like I belonged.” Read more of Norma’s story.

Silvia Flores: Silvia credits the RTW program and all the support she has received at Teen Services as responsible for “breaking my shell.” Read more of Silvia’s story.

Karen Torres: “TSS is like a second home. Everyone there is so friendly and they have helped me so much and I am very grateful.” Read more of Karen’s story.

Olivia and Brissa: “[Teen Services] is inclusive, kind, and helpful. They really care about you and want you to succeed in life.” Read more of Olivia and Brissa’s story.

Gerardo Meza-Perez: To Gerardo, learning about the inner workings of a small business has been interesting and invaluable—he’s seen first-hand how you have to build a business from the ground up and work every day to lay the groundwork for success. Read more of Gerardo’s story.

Mike Barnes: “Teen Services provided me with a community, a network, and a purpose. [TSS staff] taught us that we were more than what the community perceived us to be and that we were capable of being organized and responsible beyond the classroom.” Read more of Mike’s story.

Jason Davis: “Teen Services gave me a space and endless opportunities to define my identity and shape my future. I cannot emphasize enough how much they helped me throughout my teen years and even beyond.” Read more of Jason’s story.

Esther Oros: “Teen Services gave me opportunities to learn something new and to experience new situations that I had never faced before. By doing so, Teen Services taught me that there is no right or wrong path in life; it doesn’t matter where you come from or the obstacles that life has placed before you.Read more of Esther’s story.

Jerica Tercero: “Teen Services instilled confidence in me. I learned to work in a group, and I had projects and productive things to do. Teen Services gave me my first job and working at the café gave me many skills—especially the customer service skills that I still use daily.” Read more of Jerica’s story.

Jenna Wyrick: “Teen Services made me extremely passionate about volunteer and nonprofit work because I can look back and see how much it positively affected me. It helped me understand how important it is to have art and creativity in my life.” Read more of Jenna’s story.

Dora Barrera: “Without the constant mentorship and support of [the TSS Staff] and the love from my Lovin’ Oven girls, I would not have realized my potential as a business leader.” Read more of Dora’s story.

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