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Since 1991, we’ve worked in partnership with Sonoma Valley schools, local businesses, and other youth-serving organizations to provide work-readiness skills and hands-on job experience. Our Ready to Work program prepares teens to be responsible and successful employees through a series of workshops that teach them everything from writing a resume and the importance of a strong work ethic to customer service and networking skills.

We offer a variety of ways for employers to get involved and support our teens:

Ready to Work Internships and Employment

Are you interested in finding employees who are truly “ready to work”? Whether you’re looking for an intern, a part-time employee, or a full-time employee, our teens and young adults are the perfect candidates! By providing an employment opportunity, you can help support our teens and give them a strong foundation for a successful career.  

Participate in Mock Interviews

Our final (and most popular) Ready to Work workshop gives students real-world exposure to the interview process through a series of mock interviews. As a volunteer, you can help them build their skills and provide feedback on ways they can improve.

Join Our Career Fair

We are always looking for volunteer professionals to share industry insights with teens at our career fairs. Some of the professions our teens are interested in learning more about include technology, healthcare, construction, engineering, marketing, communications, and environmental—just to name a few!

Offer a Job Shadow Opportunity

Job shadows allow teens to observe the daily routine in a particular profession, ask questions, and get a realistic, hands-on look at what they can expect to make informed decisions about the career of their choice. 

Host a Job Tour

Provide an inside look at your profession by hosting an on-site job tour for teens and young adults.

Offer Industry-Specific Training

Offer specific training for teens and young adults who are interested in finding an entry-level job in your profession. 

Become a Career Coach

Meet with teens and young adults to discuss industry-related employment trends, economic outlook, guidance for college and vocational training, and job tour and networking opportunities.We are so appreciative of the ongoing support of our business community! If you would like to support our work-readiness program or discuss an internship or employment opportunity, please email Eric Gonzalez or call (707) 939-1452.

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